Summer Estate Planning Checklist

Jun 17, 2019

School is out and summer is finally here!  For a lot of people, that means it’s time for a long-awaited vacation.  Whether you are heading to the beach, taking a cruise, going camping or relaxing at the lake this summer, make time to review your estate plan before you take off.  Below is a quick and easy checklist to make sure your plan is ready to go:

  1. Review your Last Will and/or Trust Documents
  2. Update Powers of Attorney, Health Care and Financial
  3. Review Beneficiary Designations
  4. Designate a Guardian for your minor children
  5. Make Documents Accessible
  6. Don’t Wait! – You have probably spent months or even years planning and saving for your vacation, so why put off updating your estate plan until minutes before you leave?  Updating your estate plan doesn’t have to be as traumatizing as sunburn the first day of vacation. Call us today at 1-800-307-5544 to make sure that you and your estate are vacation ready.

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