What is the likelihood that your children will care for you?

Aug 6, 2018

What is the likelihood that your children will care for you?

1. Do you believe your children will provide the level of care you will need on a daily basis?

2. Specifically, who will care for you and during what hours of the day and night?

3. How far away from you do they live?

4. What is the travel time between them and you?

5. Do they have children of their own?

6. If they have children of their own, how much of their time is devoted to their children and their children’s activities?

7. Are your children employed outside of the home? If so, how many hours a week do they work?

8. How frequently do your children contact you now?

The answers to the above questions should help you determine if your children will be able to care for you and if it is the best decision for not only you but your children as well.

As always, it is important to consult an experienced estate planning when making these types of decisions.

Jack N. Alpern, Esq.

The Alpern Law Firm

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