Will Medicare or Medicaid pay for my skilled nursing home expenses?

Aug 9, 2018

Will Medicare or Medicaid pay for my skilled nursing home expenses? It depends. For example, Medicare will pay for the first 100 days of care when you are discharged from a hospital upon a doctor’s order, but that coverage terminates if the care facility tells Medicare that you have reached a point where they cannot improve your condition. From that point forward, you are a self-pay resident of the nursing home, with the cost of that skilled care on average at $8,500 per month in Northeast Ohio. Medicaid will take over the payment for your care when you have spent your regular monthly income and then your assets down to $2,000.00. This often causes the assets which you hoped to turn over to your heirs to be severely diminished or even exhausted.  There are legal ways to prevent this from happening. You should discuss this with an Elderlaw attorney.

-Attorney Jack N. Alpern

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