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legacy_wealth_planningCo-Authored by Attorney:

Jack N. Alpern
with Robert Armstrong and Sanford M. Fisch

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Traditionally, estate planning has had a fairly narrow scope. The focus has been on what happens at the time of your death, and the only issues typically addressed have been:

  • Who gets what you own
  • When and how they get it
  • How these transfers can be achieved at the lowest possible cost

While this approach is a great start, it does not take into account the real-life issues and concerns faced by today’s families. In fact, it completely ignores the very element of wealth that many of us hold most dear: our non-financial legacy.

Legacy Wealth Planning not only explores the shortcomings of traditional estate planning and identifies the more complex needs of modern families, it also explains a holistic new process called Legacy Wealth Planning that can help you:

  • Avoid lost assets due to blended families or the remarriage of your surviving spouse
  • Choose dependable guardians for minor children and circumvent common mistakes parents make
  • Provide proper care for special needs children and avoid lost government benefits
  • Protect your hard-earned assets from your children’s financial inexperience, divorces, and lawsuits
  • Distribute your personal possessions and precious family heirlooms and capture your family’s life stories and wisdom for future generations

If you want to learn how to create a true and lasting legacy within your family, regardless of the size of your estate, look no further than this book!

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