“Mind Over Money: Financial Coaching for You and Your Family”

Title: “Mind Over Money: Financial Coaching for You and Your Family”


Date: Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Time: 12:00 PM - 10:05 PM

Location: The Hidden Cafe and Catering Hall

Address: 4248 North River Road, NE, Warren, Ohio 44484


Our law firm has always been dedicated to helping you and your family protect and preserve your hard-earned assets.  Unfortunately, even though we have designed estate plans to accomplish that goal, success in achieving it is often diminished by a lack of consistent financial planning.  For a long time, I have been concerned about the quality of financial advice that has been given to many of my clients.  I have watched how your hard-earned dollars were accumulated by you, only to have those dollars decrease in value as a result of investment advice which was short-sighted, based on speculating and gambling or due to a lack of attention by your advisors.

As a result, I thoroughly researched a better way for you and your family to plan for your financial future, and I found it:  Financial Coaching…an ongoing process which is driven by what is best for you and your family (not the advisor’s compensation), with constant adjustments as needed, to respond to the changes in our financial lives—all without the endless per-transaction fees you may have suffered with up to this point.  You will find this approach refreshing as a better way to help your investments—both in and outside of retirement plans—flourish.  Over 100 of our clients are now investing through us!!

To learn more about how our Financial Coaching Service can help you to preserve and grow your investments, you are invited to the first in a series of FREE PRIVATE BRIEFINGS:

“Mind Over Money: Financial Coaching for You and Your Family”

          Tuesday, February 11, 2020 at Noon

The Hidden Café and Catering Hall

4248 North River Road, NE, Warren, Ohio 44484

Complimentary refreshments will be served

Your family, relatives and friends are welcome, but seating is very limited, and reservations are required. Call 1-800-307-5544 NOW and tell us you want to reserve seats for the “financial coaching” seminar.

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.